Bonés SKIROLL GRAPHENE + Rottefella Xcelerator Roller Ski

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Training like on snow: Feel the crossbow ski effect even in the summer. This you will feel just with the first GRAPHENE rollerski in the world

With other rollerskis the skiers get used to push too fast and strong on the rollerski with the leg, because asphalt never collapses.

That attitude is corrected with Quionne Massive Flex, getting homogeneous push and the best transfer to snow. All Quionne chassis are full carbon monocoque. The chassis are designed so the tensions are distributed homogeneously. Because of this and the high stress resistance of carbon fiber with graphene nanotechnology, our chassis are more durable than metal or wood ones.  Our rollerskis are designed to be robust and reliable. Other fiber carbon rollerskis are designed to be just light, so they break. We have tested the rollerskis for more than 2000Km in hard conditions and they are still working like first day. The inside nucleus makes the rollerski be rigid in the middle part, where the foot transmits the force. At the same time the Aircell material absorbs the high frequency vibrations making the rollerski more comfortable for the skier. The down part of the nucleus is round so it does not touch the ground during edging and flexing at the same time. The wheels and bearings can be mounted on the chassis with just one 5mm allen key. All pieces can be fitted into the wheel out of the chassis. After, the wheel can be easily fixed on the chasis with just screwing on each side.


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